My Top 10 Favorite Male Vocalists

My decisions were not based on any outside influences such as politics, popularity, or media/industry biases.  The only instruments I used to compile my list were my ears.  All that mattered was how I felt and how I was moved when I listened to each vocalist.  Whether country, pop, rock or folk, it did not matter.  My ears don’t judge.  After all, there are only two kinds of music.  Good music and bad music.  😉

10.  David Ball

  • When he was scouted by a music label, he was dubbed by them as, “The Human Jukebox”.  Texas Echo is by far my favorite David Ball tune.   His vocals allow me to escape into the moment of each song he sings.  Even though he is number 10 on my list, he is still my favorite country singer above Randy, George and Garth.

9.  Randy Travis

  • Say what you will about his recent troubles or checkered past, but there is no denying the incredible vocal talent known as Randy Travis.   I could go on and on about this man, but I would rather sit back and enjoy his music…Forever and Ever, Amen…

8.  John Berry

  • Known amongst country music’s inner circle during the early ’90s  as “The Voice”, Mr. Berry’s vocals are powerful and piercing enough to give you chills.  Don’t believe me?  Check out and listen to, Your Love Amazes Me, and you will see what I mean.

7.  James Taylor

  • No one can tell me that I’m doing wrong today…when I put James Taylor on this list.  How sweet it is to be blessed with a voice like that.  Anyone else feel like singing up on the roof when they listen to his music?

6.  Jeff Buckley

  • Although he had yet to build a substantial song list before his untimely death,  there is no argument as to why Jeff Buckley makes this list.  His moving rendition of Hallelujah is testament enough that he would have been a vocal force to be reckoned with had his life not ended before he had that chance.  Always such a sad shame when talent this good is taken away at such a young age.

5.  Daryl Hall

  • When you hear the man sing live and forget the “manufactured” version of Hall and Oates, you will understand.  Pleasantly surprised, this boy can sing his soulful heart out.  My all time favorite, Rich Girl is his best in my opinion.

4.  Elvis Presley

  • Elvis Presley is timeless, much along the likes of The Beatles, Rolling Stones, and Jimi Hendrix.  Is there any question as to why he still lives in the hearts of so many?

3.  Roy Orbison

  • I absolutely love Roy Orbison.  There is a purity, honesty, and beauty to his voice.  I don’t know many people out there that don’t take a liking to his music or the man himself.

2.  Paul Young

  • Besides Steve Winwood and Daryl Hall, I have yet to stumble upon such a soulful voice coming out of a white boy.   Soulful would be the word I would use to describe this musical talent.  Sorry Chi-Lites, but Paul Young did a much better job when he covered Oh Girl .  Although, many here in the states only know of Paul Young for hits likeEvery Time You Go Away, and Oh Girl, he was much wider known to the Brits. 

1.  Steve Winwood

  • Another white boy who can sing with some fierce soul behind them vocal cords.  I first caught wind of the great Steve Winwood when I heard the Spencer Davis Group’s Gimme Some Lovin’ as a youngster.  Not surprisingly, I was hooked.  I had to find out who was behind that voice.  Then, many years after came his Grammy winning success as a solo artist, followed by my favorite Steve Winwood hit, Roll With It.  Without a doubt, my number 1 and favorite male vocalist!  🙂

Why, you ask, were folks like Sinatra, Dylan, Lennon, Vandross and Freddie Mercury excluded from my list?  Remember, the title does indicate it as a “My…Favorite” list and not an “All Time Best” list.   Rest assured, that if this were a Top 25 compilation, these vocal greats would definitely have made the cut.  🙂


Top 10 Reasons I Created This Blog

10.  I have a lot to say

  • Well that’s a given!  You think?   How many times has a writer/blogger ever admitted to not having a lot to say.   Blogs are such a wonderful vehicle for the “chatty Kathy”,  wannabe writer types to have the opportunity to creatively express their thoughts, expertise, and whimsy with an audience that is willing to take notice.

9.  I love to write

  • Another given that does not need much explanation or elaboration.  I love to write.  Enough said!  I love to share what I think and know best by using words.  If my words mean something to someone or anyone out there, then I want my words to count.  I also pride myself on being extremely fast at typing and love hearing the sound of the keyboard keys working away, transferring my verbose style of writing onto this blog.

8.  I want to share my “funny” world with you

  • If sharing is caring, then I care a lot about my readers.  Yes, I am aware of the fact that this sounds corny with a slight touch of creepy.   In my everyday life, I often  find myself bouncing around the funniest thoughts in my head, but then forget to put them in writing or share it with someone.  For those that can identify, this blog’s for you!  🙂

7.  A great way to stay connected…

  • Not just with my readers, but in the ever expanding world of “Social Media”.  Raise your hand if you have a Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and Twitter account.  Ya, I thought so.  😉

6.  Seems easy enough

  • Writing a book, now that’s a challenge.   Managing a blog, piece of cake right?  Time will tell.

5.  My affinity for all things Norman Reedus/Daryl Dixon and Robin Thicke needs to be expressed

  • Yes sir and Amen!  I’ll take the redneck with a crossbow and add a triple “thicke” milkshake.  Come on down to the yard boys!!!  Hehehe  😉

4.  It would be so awesome and cool to find that there are readers out there that can relate to my blog

  • As a young lass growing up, I didn’t think there was anyone else out there that I could even remotely relate to or identify with.  I’m sure most of us felt that way at some point or another.   If I could put a chuckle and a smile on a reader’s face or “make their day” because they could relate to something that I wrote, then this blog was worth it.  🙂

3.  To give my poor husband/loved one a break!

  • A blog is the next best thing than that of the tired and tuned out ears of our beloved best friends, spouses/husbands, partners, family members and the like.  So, save the tired ears and sanity of our loved ones and go start a blog!

2.  To make money?

  • I end this reason with a question mark simply because I sure hope and cross my fingers that I can at least earn some sort of revenue from this blog.  I am a stay at home mom for crying out loud.  I want to be able to contribute too while doing something that I enjoy.

1.  It gives me a way to overuse exclamation marks and smiley faces!!!  😉

  • Not much follow up to this top reason is needed.  Just continue to follow my blog and posts and you will soon see this to be a true fact!  🙂